The World Diplomatic Summit (WDS) is an International, independent, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to facilitating the global exchange of ideas and knowledge, and building bridges for understanding and cooperation.

World Diplomatic Summit (WDS) engages diverse voices alongside major players in international affairs to create effective solutions to the most challenging pressing issues, both current and emerging.


World Diplomatic Summit (WDS) provides a direct channel of interaction among diplomatic stakeholders around the world. We foster sustainable partnerships among diplomatic services, government agencies, politicians, thought leaders, media, IGOs and NGOs, academics, and the private sector.

We support and enhance the important efforts of the diplomatic community by providing objective research, analysis and reports, as well as hosting high-profile events and summits.

World Diplomatic Summit

Digital Capabilities

Digital capabilities are crucial to capitalizing on the soft and hard powers countries possess. The far reach of online platforms makes them valuable tools for reaching a global audience in policy communications. Increasingly, people tend to use online channels as their main sources of information to gain knowledge about various subjects. Thus, these channels are increasingly impacting the perceptions, perspectives, and behaviors of people worldwide. Governments and their affiliates can use online platforms not only to reach audiences for their cultural and trade offerings, but also to detect security threats, as digital capabilities prepare nations to protect their economic and military resources against cyber attacks. In addition, these capabilities are reinvigorating traditional diplomacy between state officials, as they allow for the efficient use of time during meetings and in communications with counterparts and colleagues in different countries without the need to physically travel. Gradually, more countries will make use of cyberspace and allocate resources to digital diplomacy to take on the presented opportunities rather than being deterred by their potential risks.


World Diplomatic Summit

Stakeholder Diplomacy

Diplomacy is a multi-stakeholder process that involves a variety of actors apart from the state. Although in many parts of the world, these stakeholders are part of the state system, gradually more stakeholders are acting independently from the state. These actors, including non-governmental organizations, private companies, academics, charities, and the media, often independently engage with their counterparts as well as other global stakeholders, which can play a considerable role in shaping a nation’s foreign relations. In countries where these stakeholders fall under the umbrella of the state system, the framework of action is pre-defined and the possibility of taking initiative is limited. However, independent agents can define their own raison d’être and identify countries, actors, and ways of engagement to create additional opportunities for their respective countries. Independence triggers stakeholders’ entrepreneurialism in global engagement and leads countries to increased opportunities.