Application Process for New Members:

Membership applications are submitted to the Steering Committee’s sub-committee for review and
approval, where information about the organization is insufficient, these will be cross-referenced
by Commitee Chair members before approval can be granted.

Applicants will be considered for membership if their organizations carry out at least one of the
following anti-death penalty activities:

– Lobbying at the local, national, regional or international level;
– Participation to International Diplomacy, Global Goals campaigns, Climate, Human Rights, World Day, etc;
– Getting media coverage on the topic or to promote a campaign or an individual cases;
– Organizing an event for World Diplomacy;
– Developing and using WDO’s tools to raise awareness with the public at large;
– Adapting and/or translating WDO’s tools available on the website to promote distribution
and reach as many as possible.

All unsuccessful applications will be provided with a letter detailing reason for the refusal, and what
further information might be helpful in order to reconsider the application.

Membership Fees
Members will pay the following annual membership fee, based on their annual operational budget.
For organizations with less than 30,000€ (thirty thousand) – Membership Fee 50€
For organizations with less than 70,000€ (seventy thousand) – Membership Fee 100€
For organizations with more than 70,000€ (seventy thousand) – Minimum Membership Fee 150€

Exemption of Membership Fees
Members can send a request for exemption of payment in a letter explaining the financial difficulties
in settling their dues. This request will be reviewed by the Steering Committee’s sub-committee.